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Submitted on Monday, July 30th, 2018 - 13:46
Hello Fellow Steel Players! I’ve got some great new tutorials I think you are going to like. I hope you are able to check them out. I had as much fun learning them as I did recording them. My personal favorite of this this recent batch is Tom Brumley's solo on the Don Rich tune "Cajun Fiddle." It's got a great chromatic lick that is super whimsical and challenging. It's played out of the closed position and can be used in all kinds of different applications.I also released both of Robby Turner's solos from Waylon Jenning's live version of "Till I Gain Control Again." This took me a long time to figure out and tab accurately. I've found this to be almost like a solo pedal steel piece in itself as it's a great example of how to arrange and build a solo off of a singular beautiful melody. Here’s what’s new! Cajun Fiddle by Tom Brumley (Trailblazer): This tutorial features one of Tom's kookiest chromatic licks out of the closed position. This is a good solo for showcasing how to play something fitting over a "Cajun" country groove.
Submitted on Monday, January 22nd, 2018 - 16:12
Hello Steel Players,Thanks for a wonderful year at Rady Guide! We've made a lot of updates to the site, and you'll start to see them come to fruition in the New Year. This month the site will be mobile friendly. Now you can access Rady Guide on your phone or tablet with more responsive video and more intuitive navigation!This year has been a milestone for me! I had a beautiful baby daughter, Gloria. This is our first child, and it has been exciting, wonderful, and quite the adventure. As a result, I haven't released as much material as I would like to, but I will be producing more by waking up very, very early and with a larger intake of coffee. :-)For you steel players here's what's new!Crazy Arms Instrumental by Ralph Mooney (Trailblazer): This is one of the most extensive Rady Guide lessons in our 5 year history! The video lesson encompasses the WHOLE SONG!. Not just a lick, not just a solo, but the whole shebang! I like this version the best because it's from the guy who wrote the thing in the first place. Plus, it's got a great Bakersfield vibe that is heavy on unique Mooney-esque
Submitted on Sunday, November 19th, 2017 - 13:08
We've been hard at work on the Rady Guide website!  We will be improving it's functionality as we work to make it more mobile friendly. With the world relying more than ever on mobile phones, we want to make sure to accommodate that trend by making Rady Guide easy to use on any platform. We hope to have all of our updates and mobile friendly programming done by the end of 2017.New Tutorials:If I Could Only Fly by Blaze Foley (Finger-Style): This is a pretty note perfect rendition of Blaze's version of the record, "Sittin' By The Road" Like a lot of Blaze tunes it has a pretty long verse form (16 bars) with a lot of variations and a shorter chorus form. This is one of our first examples on Rady Guide that features a 4 finger Travis Picking Pattern.Don't Let it Bring You Down by Neil Young (Trailblazer) - A Neil classic featuring a tuning which double drops the E's to D, and then you tune the entire guitar down a whole step. This creates a super resonant and beautiful tonality. This song shows you some common tricks and chords you can use in this tuning.How to Phrase
Submitted on Sunday, November 19th, 2017 - 13:05
Hello Fellow Steel Players!   I’ve got some great new tutorials I think you are going to like. I hope you are able to check them out, I had as much fun learning them as I did recording them, my personal favorite of this this recent batch is Pete Drake’s parts and solo to an old George Harrison deep cut, “I Live for You”. Which by the way, this song’s intro, verse, and bridge tutorial is now up in the free section for you to enjoy!   Here’s what’s new!   I Live for You Intro, Verse, and Bridge by Pete Drake: This tutorial features one of Pete’s coolest intro licks using the A Pedal and both Left Knee Levers, a funky chromatic lick that will blow your audience’s mind should you ever release it on the general public. Please do not attempt this lick if you are currently under prescription medication or have a pacemaker. This one also features some great intermediate licks that are simple and yet effective for both major chord transitions and minor chord phrases.   I Live for You Solo by Pete Drake: this one has a lot of Pete’s cool legato approach, where he really creates an atmosphere with his minor licks and
Submitted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 - 13:20
Hello Guitarists! Here are my early fall guitar jams on Rady Guide! “I’ll Be Here In The Morning” by Townes Van Zandt (Finger-Style): One of his most popular finger-style tunes from the iconic “Kitchen album” this one features a cool quirky intro, some measures of 2/4 to navigate, and a simple way to employ a G/F# in the chorus. “Hello In There” by John Prine: (Finger-Style): This track has endured as one of John’s most famous and beautifully written tunes. It features a Gmaj7/D used to create a nice ambient effect. Once you learn the intro, the verse is pretty much the same minus a few embellishments.  “Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine (Greenhorn): A great tune for learning how to do a country/bluegrass alternate bass strum pattern featured in countless songs across the Americana spectrum. “6 Am Pentatonic Licks” (Trailblazer Lessons):  A lot of beginning soloists ask me how one starts the path to being able to solo fluently. I believe the best way to start soloing is to learn a few licks and begin to phrase them or place them within a 12 bar blues context. This video gives you 6 easy two measure Am Pentatonic licks you can start using to build your solo repertoire.
Submitted on Friday, March 31st, 2017 - 12:21
How Do I Upgrade with a Promo Code for a 1 Month Free Subscription? Only Free memberships can upgrade.To upgrade:1. Go to and Login2. Click on "My Guides and Accounts" at the top of the page.3. Scroll down where it says "Upgrade My Plan" and click on promo code, enter your promo code.4. Click on Upgrade My Subscription5. Go through the necessary steps with Paypal6. Go back to and LoginNow you have a 1 Month Free Subscription which includes access to all Pedal Steel and or Guitar video tutorials and tabs depending on the promo code used.Note: Login at Paypal anytime to cancel your subscription.
Submitted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 - 11:41
Hi Friends, I wanted to touch base and let you know we’ve got some new videos up this month. I had some requests for some Major pentatonic licks and scales as well as some solos and backgrounds by Eric Heywood and Greg Liesz. Here’s what we’ve got: Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Video Lesson (Greenhorn Section): This video outlines three positions of the Major Pentatonic Scale and shows that by moving each scale up 3 frets you can get it’s equivalent Minor Pentatonic scale.  6 Major Pentatonic Licks Video Lesson: (Journeyman Section): This video describes how to play 6 major pentatonic licks in both open and closed position with insight on how to play these licks in any key. MP3 backing track available for download.  6 Minor Pentatonic Licks Video Lesson (Journeyman Section): This video describes how to play 6 minor pentatonic licks in 3 different positions with insight on how to play these licks in any key. MP3 backing track available for download. Starlight and Static Solo by Eric Heywood (Greenhorn): Is great for the Greenhorn getting used to playing over minor chords in two different positions. Eric Heywood’s solo in this Jeffrey Foucault song is a good example of what to do over a common singer-songwriter or more folk like progression.  Leaving Winslow Backgrounds and Pads (Journeyman): A strong representation of how Greg keeps things a little more atmospheric
Submitted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 - 11:46
Hey All,I wanted to let you know we’re ramping up production once again after a little bit of R&R and a nice summer break. We’ve got some nice tutorials from a variety of different singer-songwriter’s. Here’s a breakdown of this month’s tutorials:Guy Clark’s “L.A Freeway.”- This is a great one for getting a classic finger picking melody under your fingertips, making use of some subtle yet tricky rhythms, and getting a handle on the D7/F# chord. It’s a songwriter’s classic, a great one to have in your repertoire for all you hardcore troubadours. (Finger-Style)The Replacements/Paul Westerberg’s, “Left of The Dial.”– This is an open G tuned song that I arranged for acoustic guitar. It gives a lot of great insight into the beauty of open tuning and how it can really create more complexity of simple chord voicing’s without having to do too many left hand acrobatics.Amos Lee’s, “Windows Are Rolled Down.”- We’ve got a more modern jam, utilizing a simple but effective melody that is played continuously over a G chord, this song kind of harkens back to John Hartford’s “Gentle on My Mind” but with a 6/8 strum pattern.Otherwise, I’m going to keep working on and releasing more
Submitted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 - 11:35
We’ve added all kinds of great songs to our Guitar Section this week! From Greenhorn to Trailblazer we’ve got something for everybody. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got!24 Frames by Jason Isbell: Great for working on your transitions from a four finger G to a Cadd9 and Em7, a very common chord progression found in many songs from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. (Greenhorn)Can’t Hardly Wait by Paul Westerberg: We’ve used the Justin Townes Earle arrangement for this classic alt. country staple. In this lesson I show you how to use an Easy Bm for us Greenhorns who aren’t quite ready for Barre Chords (Greenhorn)Somebody To Shove by Soul Asylum: Another 90’s classic, showcasing how much one can get out of power chords while palm muting and accenting certain eighth notes. (Journeyman)Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman: This is a perfect song for working on our barre chords and getting a grasp on some of those hard to grasp syncopated rhythms. (Tralblazer)Teacher by Jethro Tull: A great acoustic arrangement featuring multiple guitar parts, power chords, syncopated rhythms, and pentatonic licks! (Rock and Roll)A note about requests: Thank you all very much for requesting such awesome tunes. Right