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The Rady Trail

Explaining The Trailway

The Trail-way is a system that helps you advance your musical skills from beginner level to a more expert level. The Rady Trail allows you to build your skill level incrementally, so that you don't feel overwhelmed or lacking in knowledge as you progress. Advance from beginner to intermediate to expert with a curriculum designed to increase your Guitar and Pedal Steel skills through an extensive repertoire of songs licks, solos, and lessons!


Trailblazer (expert)
-Solidify knowledge of the A, B, and C Pedals, as well as all of the knee levers, increase arranging concepts, chord extension concepts, develop more advanced solos, intros, licks.

Journeyman (intermediate)
-Increase your voicing knowledge of major and minor chords, the C pedal function, develop more intermediate solos, intros, and licks, continue to develop right hand techniques.

Greenhorn (beginner)
Learn your basic grips and right hand technique. The A and B pedal, major and minor chords, the open and closed major scale through a repertoire of basic solos, intros, and licks.


Trailblazer (expert)
- Learn barre-chords, more advanced fingerpicking and flatpicking styles. Increase your  knowledge of chord theory, lead play, and arranging through a more advanced song repertoire.

Journeyman (intermediate)
- Increase your right hand technique with more interesting strumming patterns while developing a song repertoire that include basic scales, arpeggios, alternating bass patterns, and fingerpicking.

Greenhorn (beginner)
- Learn how to strum common open chords, play easy melodies, learn to play basic songs from multiple genres. Develop basic right hand technique and repertoire to get you comfortable with the guitar.

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Jessica Vastiola, Lakewood, CO
"The first time I met Jeff was the first time I ever picked up a guitar. Jeff's relaxed and fun teaching style made me forget that I had no idea what I was doing! And more importantly I was having such a great time that I wasn't focused on being frustrated with something that I'm not familiar with. Jeff's obvious musical talent and knowledge, along with his patience, is amazing. I left my first lesson, and every lesson after, feeling confident and anxious to return."

David Downs, Longmont, CO
"Jeff seems pretty diverse in what he is able to teach.  He creates an atmosphere in which you want to push your own personal envelope."

Elexis Mariash, Denver, CO
"We've all heard the saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, in Jeff's case he's figured out a way to do just that. Picking up guitar as an adult can be intimidating and frustrating at times. But, with Jeff's perfect balance of joking encouragement, patience, and steady instruction, I'm amazed at what I've learned in a year. Jeff is an amazing teacher and I'd highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to jam!"

Who is
Jeff Rady?

Jeff Rady - Photo
Hi Everyone, I"m Jeff Rady, I'm a guitarist and a pedal steel player in Denver, Colorado, my hometown. I have a degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and have been playing guitar for 18 years! I'm interested in all kinds of American roots music from folk and country to blues and rock and roll. This website serves not only as a teaching platform but as a tribute to my devotion to music in general. I've designed this website mainly for the very beginner player to advance to a more expert level. This journey takes a lot of patience and lots and lots of time, but it can be a really enjoyable one if you stick with it!. I hope you enjoy this site and your instrument of choice, with me as your guide!
Sincerely, Jeff Rady


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