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The Rady Trail

Explaining The Trailway

The Trail-way is a system that helps you advance your musical skills from beginner level to a more expert level. The Rady Trail allows you to build your skill level incrementally, so that you don't feel overwhelmed or lacking in knowledge as you progress. Advance from beginner to intermediate to expert with a curriculum designed to increase your Guitar and Pedal Steel skills through an extensive repertoire of songs licks, solos, and lessons!


Trailblazer (expert)
- Learn barre-chords, more advanced fingerpicking and flatpicking styles. Increase your  knowledge of chord theory, lead play, and arranging through a more advanced song repertoire.
Journeyman (intermediate)
- Increase your right hand technique with more interesting strumming patterns while developing a song repertoire that include basic scales, arpeggios, alternating bass patterns, and fingerpicking.
Greenhorn (beginner)
- Learn how to strum common open chords, play easy melodies, learn to play basic songs from multiple genres. Develop basic right hand technique and repertoire to get you comfortable with the guitar.

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Trailblazer (expert)
-Solidify knowledge of the A, B, and C Pedals, as well as all of the knee levers, increase arranging concepts, chord extension concepts, develop more advanced solos, intros, licks.
Journeyman (intermediate)
-Increase your voicing knowledge of major and minor chords, the C pedal function, develop more intermediate solos, intros, and licks, continue to develop right hand techniques.
Greenhorn (beginner)
Learn your basic grips and right hand technique. The A and B pedal, major and minor chords, the open and closed major scale through a repertoire of basic solos, intros, and licks.

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Ed Wiese, Denver, CO
"Jeff makes everything fun. I learned more from him in one class than I learned on my own in decades. He's always positive and encouraging.  I recommend him to everybody."

Jessica Vastiola, Lakewood, CO
"The first time I met Jeff was the first time I ever picked up a guitar. Jeff's relaxed and fun teaching style made me forget that I had no idea what I was doing! And more importantly I was having such a great time that I wasn't focused on being frustrated with something that I'm not familiar with. Jeff's obvious musical talent and knowledge, along with his patience, is amazing. I left my first lesson, and every lesson after, feeling confident and anxious to return."

Todd Whalen,  Denver, CO
"Jeff's the best!  He meets you at your level and patiently brings you along til the light turns on and the fingers find the right progression.  Jeff is a lot fun to learn with and he has light a hearted approach... yet he keeps you progressing. I'll give him full credit next time I'm rocking it at Red Rocks."

Who is
Jeff Rady?

Jeff Rady - Photo
Hi Everyone, I"m Jeff Rady, I'm a guitarist and a pedal steel player in Denver, Colorado, my hometown. I have a degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and have been playing guitar for 18 years! I'm interested in all kinds of American roots music from folk and country to blues and rock and roll. This website serves not only as a teaching platform but as a tribute to my devotion to music in general. I've designed this website mainly for the very beginner player to advance to a more expert level. This journey takes a lot of patience and lots and lots of time, but it can be a really enjoyable one if you stick with it!. I hope you enjoy this site and your instrument of choice, with me as your guide!
Sincerely, Jeff Rady


Upcoming Site Improvements, Blaze Foley, Neil Young, How To Solo

We've been hard at work on the Rady Guide website!  We will be improving it's functionality as we work to make it more mobile friendly. With the world relying more than ever on mobile phones, we want to make sure to accommodate that trend by making Rady Guide easy to use on any platform. We hope to have all of our updates and mobile friendly programming done by the end of 2017.

New Tutorials:

If I Could Only Fly by Blaze Foley (Finger-Style):
This is a pretty note perfect rendition of Blaze's version of the record, "Sittin' By The Road" Like a lot of Blaze tunes it has a pretty long verse form (16 bars) with a lot of variations and a shorter chorus form. This is one of our first examples on Rady Guide that features a 4 finger Travis Picking Pattern.

Don't Let it Bring You Down by Neil Young (Trailblazer
) - A Neil classic featuring a tuning which double drops the E's to D, and then you tune the entire guitar down a whole step. This creates a super resonant and beautiful tonality. This song shows you some common tricks and chords you can use in this tuning.

How to Phrase 6 Am Pentatonic Licks Video Lesson (Trailblazer): Learning to solo can be difficult especially if you don't know where to start. Scales are well and good but don't actually sound like much if just played sequentially. This lesson helps you develop your solo chops by teaching you how to phrase with 6 different licks. It gives your solo structure and coherent movement that tells a story rather than just spitting out notes in a scale.

Redux Tutorials:

12 Bar Blues in A Video Lesson (Journeyman): I have redone this lesson to give a little more clarity to the form of a 12 bar blues, as well as some watered down theoretical considerations to help you understand how the chords relate to each other. If nothing else, this lesson give you an easy template to solo over using your 6 Am Pentatonic Licks (video lesson).

Am Pentatonic Sliding Scale Video Lesson (Trailblazer): Another redo giving you two different ways to approach this scale with your left hand fingering, and an extension of the scale with "Blues" boxes.

Custom Tabs:

Absolutely need to learn a special song, solo, or riff?

If you need a specific tab or video or both that is not on Rady Guide, you can request a custom order from Jeff. On average a custom tab and video takes about 8 hours to complete and costs about $150 in labor. Depending on it's potential Rady Guide popularity, I might be able to cut you a deal! Email me using the contact form to get a quote!

Finally, my band 5 & Dimers (check us out on facebook) will be playing Gary Lee's Motor Club in Denver at 9PM on Saturday 10/28. Wear a costume don't wear a costume. Try to wear undergarments!



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Summer 17' Pedal Steel Tutorials, Sneaky, Drake, Franklin, And Brumley!

Hello Fellow Steel Players!


I’ve got some great new tutorials I think you are going to like. I hope you are able to check them out, I had as much fun learning them as I did recording them, my personal favorite of this this recent batch is Pete Drake’s parts and solo to an old George Harrison deep cut, “I Live for You”. Which by the way, this song’s intro, verse, and bridge tutorial is now up in the free section for you to enjoy!


Here’s what’s new!


I Live for You Intro, Verse, and Bridge by Pete Drake: This tutorial features one of Pete’s coolest intro licks using the A Pedal and both Left Knee Levers, a funky chromatic lick that will blow your audience’s mind should you ever release it on the general public. Please do not attempt this lick if you are currently under prescription medication or have a pacemaker. This one also features some great intermediate licks that are simple and yet effective for both major chord transitions and minor chord phrases.


I Live for You Solo by Pete Drake: this one has a lot of Pete’s cool legato approach, where he really creates an atmosphere with his minor licks and then launches into his melodic and sometimes chromatic major licks in multiple positions. This is definitely my favorite Pete Drake solo!


Together Again 1st Verse Pads by Paul Franklin: A great tutorial for working on some great legato (weepy) licks in the lower register using strings 8 and 5. This one also has a great crying bar slant slick over the V chord. This version is off of Paul Franklin and Vince Gill’s killer album, “Bakersfield.”


Let The Sad Times Roll On Intro by Tom Brumley: To me, Tom produced some of the greatest crying steel parts on the planet, this intro shows he’s true to form producing a great melodic intro almost exclusively on strings 3 and 6. Try this one out for learning some great moves you can use in a lot of classic country songs.


Devil in Disguise 1st Verse and 2nd Chorus Background Licks and Pads: I don’t why I keep torturing myself to learn every steel lick there is in this song. I think maybe because for me this song represents all of Sneaky’s greatest psychedelic steel playing concepts in one 3-minute package. I can’t get enough of his playing and all the discoveries I make when transcribing this tune. This song has opened up the pedal steel for me in unusual and wonderful ways. I hope it does the same for you.


Other News!


I had a daughter on May 31st, her name is Gloria, she is a blast and we are so happy she is happy and healthy! A future steel player? Let's hope so.

Also my band 5 & Dimers, is opening up for Clint Black on Aug.19th at the Arvada Center, in Arvada, CO. We are very stoked to be able to play with such a legend and can’t wait to get on stage and share our latest record!


If you haven’t heard our new record, go here!


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Also check out our full gig schedule here!


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Thanks everybody!

More Townes, John Prine, And Some Guitar Solo Techniqes

Hello Guitarists!

Here are my early fall guitar jams on Rady Guide!

“I’ll Be Here In The Morning” by Townes Van Zandt (Finger-Style): One of his most popular finger-style tunes from the iconic “Kitchen album” this one features a cool quirky intro, some measures of 2/4 to navigate, and a simple way to employ a G/F# in the chorus.

“Hello In There” by John Prine: (Finger-Style): This track has endured as one of John’s most famous and beautifully written tunes. It features a Gmaj7/D used to create a nice ambient effect. Once you learn the intro, the verse is pretty much the same minus a few embellishments. 

“Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine (Greenhorn): A great tune for learning how to do a country/bluegrass alternate bass strum pattern featured in countless songs across the Americana spectrum.

“6 Am Pentatonic Licks” (Trailblazer Lessons):  A lot of beginning soloists ask me how one starts the path to being able to solo fluently. I believe the best way to start soloing is to learn a few licks and begin to phrase them or place them within a 12 bar blues context. This video gives you 6 easy two measure Am Pentatonic licks you can start using to build your solo repertoire.

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Custom Tabs!

Absolutely need to learn a special song, solo, or riff?

If you need a specific tab or video or both that is not on Rady Guide, you can request a custom order from Jeff. On average a custom tab and video takes about 8 hours to complete and costs about $150 in labor. Depending on its potential Rady Guide popularity, we might be able to cut you a deal! Email to get a quote.

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